Where We Work

Where We Work

Farmers for HOPE works with HOPE International, who has a heart for sharing the love of Jesus Christ, and has in-country educators, savings groups, and agricultural lenders in Asia, Europe, and Africa.


Farmers in the Philippines grow vegetables on the steep terrain of Eastern Samar.  These farmers walk miles, carrying their tillage tools, seed, and fertilizer, to their small farm plots.  Throughout the growing season, they tend their crop and at harvest, they carry their crop many miles to market.  Farmers for HOPE visited, walked alongside, and prayed for these farmers.


Farmers in Ukraine grow tomatoes in backyard greenhouses.  The greenhouses are primarily constructed of a wood frame and plastic film.  They heat their greenhouses with wood or coal to be able to start the seedlings in the winter months.  At harvest, they sell their produce at the local market.  Farmers for HOPE helped the lender identify loan risk and proper loan structure.


Farmers in Rwanda grow rice, maize, Irish potatoes, and coffee.  However, enhancements to these value chains are needed, including: access to multi-peril crop insurance; quality seed and fertilizer; timely and affordable loans; reliable markets, and continual education on best practices.   Farmers for HOPE works with those on the ground in Rwanda to help the farmers.