Our Story

Our Story

From the founder of Farmers for HOPE:  

I was blessed to grow up on a family farm in northwest Iowa. I was also blessed that my parents were strong Christians. As a child, I remember our farmer neighbors helping each other, if needed, to get crops planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. Once when my dad was in the hospital, our neighbors came together and harvested our crop.

Farmers are hard-working people who take pride in what they do, and seem to go out of their way to help others. A farmer’s livelihood is subject to numerous risks, including too much rain, not enough rain, untimely freezing temperatures, insects, and diseases. My family experienced several consecutive years of flooding, and because of the numerous crop losses, we lost our family farm. I have personally experienced the hardships which are associated with farming.

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to see firsthand the plight of family farmers in developing countries around the world. I have also seen the value of education, quality seed and fertilizer, market facilitators, and reliable and affordable small loans to these family farmers. I wanted to help and be part of the Great Commission, thus the reason for Farmers for HOPE. Please join me in investing in family farmers around the world.

Rev. Timothy Wilberding